Research content in progress

1 Research on recombination among viral genomes belonging to different virus families
2 Research on effects of medium-chain fatty acids on viral infection
3 Development of PCR system for comprehensively detection of Lyssaviruses
4 Discovery of biomarkers in viral infected cells using Raman microscope
5 Development of rapid real-time PCR system for detection of SARS-CoV-2, SFTSV and Leptospira
6 Genetic test and antibody survey of SFTSV
7 Development of detection system of airborne viruses
8 Research on interaction between viral replication and cellular signal transductions
9 Research on activation of cellular signal transduction in hedgehog adenovirus infected cells
10 Research on host genes in viral particles
11 Research to elucidate the mechanism of pathogenicity by infection of Sarcocystis
12 Research on newly discovered recombinant porcine enterovirus with torovirus
13 Research on photodynamic immunotherapy for infectious disease and cancer
14 Research on effects of coal ash on microbes
15 Research on effects of sodium hypochlorite on microbes
16 Development of comprehensive detection system for bee viruses
17 Research on effects of Lactobacillus on animals (dogs, cats and pigs)
18 Research on novel herpesvirus infecting to walrus
19 Research on environmental circulation of PMMoV (pepper mild mottle virus) and its effects on animals
20 Development of novel virus isolation system using dendritic cells
21 Development of comprehensive microbes detection system for chikens
22 Research on stomach cancer infected by Macrorhabdus ornithogaster
23 Research on cell deformation by inhibitor of cellular signal transduction
24 Research on effects of bacillus subtilis natto on viral infection
25 Research on orthnairovirus newly discovered from ticks
26 Elucidation of bat specific virus tolerance mechanism with bat organoids
27 Epidemiological study for risk analysis of bat-derived infectious diseases
28 Study for development of oral vaccines with lactic acid bacteria
29 Economic analysis of hygiene control in livestock farms
30 Study for geographical factors related to environmental pollution of drug-resistant bacteria